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E.C. Henry

What are you taking a spring break to write, Billy?

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


You're leaving us for that loonnggg?

Oh well. Hope it's fruitful. But are you serious with the pen thing? You really write with a PEN?!

...I can't imagine the pain that would cause me. The whole PAGE would be scratched out.

renaissance costume

It's not spring break.. It's SPRING BREAKKKKK! hope your vacation would be as fruitful as ever.

good luck mate. God Bless!


EC: My friend, writer Barbara Abercrombie invited me, Tater, and 18 other writers (including a few that people may have heard of) to contribute to an anthology called CHERISH: 20 Writers Celebrate Animals They've Loved and Lost. Being a writer, I waited until a few weeks before the deadline to write my piece. There's also a second novel lurking in the background of my writing life that needs to come forward.

J: I'm into the pen! And yes, it is painful. But the trade-off is immense, since I find that there is nothing comparable to the uniquely physical experience of writing - on - a - piece - of - paper - with - a - pen, which heightens the intensity of the act and the commitment to the thought in a way that keyboards and cyberspace will never replicate.

Renny: Whether you're an amazingly acute ad aggregate, or a human, I appreciate the sentiment.

Muffin MacGuffin

Billy - hope you're enjoying your time away. When you return, I'd love to hear your take on this:
I think it's excellent.


Read. Write. Yes. Good news. But you forgot one. Soak:).

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