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E.C. Henry


I LOVE it when you talk shop. No one defines the rom-com genre better than you.

Back when I was going to community college (Green River C.C. in Auburn, WA) I had a literature teacher who that she lost considerable interest in a story IF it didn't have a romantic (boy/girl) component somewhere in it.

I think ALL stories benefit from a romantic component. Doesn't have to be the central storyline -- just in there somewhere. I see romance as seasoning and spice that can add some kick to ANY story. That's why of all the genres out there I think it is in the screenwriters best interest to master the romantic comedy first above all else. Its uses are endless...

Can't wait to hear you breakdown "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" next post. For my $$ "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"'s attraction factor was how good Nia Vardalos pulled off its family dynamic. For me, the romance between the leads was of secondary interest. LOVED Michael Constantine as "Gus Portolos." For my $$ Gus' character arc stole the show, and is what I think resonated with most people. I see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"'s central question being: can two people's love survive their families' differences? So as pertains to this movie, I'd have to say it's more of family comedy with a key romantic sub-plot than a romantic comedy; where the central question is: will these two people's foray into love, survive?

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding"'s movie poster features the two leads sitting side by side in a car, post-wedding, smiling. Thus hinting that, yes indeed, these two people's love will survive, the joy is in the journey of how they got there.

Okay, so maybe I jumped the gun a little bit. But last I heard you double as a teacher too, Billy. Should be interesting to see how this amature graded-out before the all-star takes the stage, and sets everything right in the rom-com world again ;)

(Next week hurry up and get here already!!)

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Uh oh... now I have to watch Shaun of the Dead again (for like the 25th time)! Gee, thanks! : )


My Big Fat Greek Wedding had as its central question - Will the Greek family accept the vanilla husband? So I see it as a family comedy.

Wish I could be in your class again!


EC: You nailed it, dude.

Kristen: Good to the last slurp!

Hi Christina: Me, too!

Happy Memorial Day to All...

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This is really great and interesting post that i enjoyed to read. Lots of movies are getting a definition by their directors and those definitions are defiantly financial, so it for us the viewers to decide if this a romantic comedy or not.

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