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E.C. Henry

Billy, I totally agree with you, "Timer"'s high concept is very good. Just hearing you explain it made me think, "Would I try a stunt like that if it was offered in the local Bonney Lake area?"

You bet I would!

It is so hard to connect with girls, the "timer" is irresistable. I'd hafta try it.

Sorry to read that you didn't think the story delievered on its thought provoking premice. Will be looking for it when it comes to video. (Most indie movies show in select theatres up in Seattle)

"I'm always championing rom-com spec scripts that think outside the genres too-tight box." Dangerous statement to be spoken in the presence of pre-pro screenwriters... Don't know if your swinging out an open invitation, but I'd LOVE to get you to read some rom-com's I've written. Even got a hybrid in my back pocket that would be a great Judd Apatow/Will Farrel vehicle. Staring roll for Will Farrell playing a Brett Favre type who returns to his hometown after a lengthy career as a back-up quarterback in the NFL. And guess what this Brett Favre type finds in his hometown once he retires? If you guessed what could be his true love -- you're right! AND you get a special prize, an opportunity to read that script -- if you haven't already as I enrolled in a very high profile contest this year. ;)

Sooo lemme know if that's something interested in doing... Been working A LOT lately. Last two weeks both Saturday and Sunday. Very burned out. Strange how life works. How for 11 months nada, nothing. Then all of a sudden it's 14 concecutive days working at least 8 hours, sometimes as many as 12. Point: life can't be regulated.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


EC: Your hybrid sounds like fun. I'm not currently taking on more consults, so I won't be able to read it, but the sports/rom-com mix sounds promising. As for the surplus of work, I feel your pain. I think we all need to up our Pure Fun Quotas these days...

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