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You're back! Or at posted! We miss you over here in Blogville. Or at least...I do.

I think I'll wait for video for this one...although the idea of seeing a 15 foot naked Jake Gyllenhaal is *almost* enough to make me reconsider...


And the 15-foot Hathaway curvage was a treat for us red-blooded males...

Thanks for the missing! It was fun to drop in on a whim.


Glad to see your blog has returned. Will head for the movies sooner than later. I want to see how it's different than "Love Story."


@stephanie - I thought a lot about love story after seeing it. There are clear parallels, but the diversions are just as worthwhile.

Really makes you ponder health care in the usa . . .

E.C. Henry

Billy, Glad to hear you're going to do a 2010 Astas post. Can't wait to read it. This year's rom-com offerings have been so infrequent, it makes me think American cinema has forgotten to love. Honestly how many rom-coms can you even go over that had a 2010 release date? That'll be a good challenge for a champion such as yourself.

Haven't seen "Love and Other Drugs" yet. Wasn't planning on it -- until I read your post. HUGE Anne Hathaway fan, but for some reason the underlying premise/set up didn't register with me.

Anyway, good to have you back!

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, Wa


Did a double-take when I saw your post show up. Great to see it, and thanks for the quick movie insight!


Hi Stephanie: Good to hear from you! Hope all goes well. Re: the LOVE STORY stuff, it's actually not as bad as it coulda been, but... well, see what you think.

Judith: I know - that pharma angle was pretty cool, I thought. And how did they get Pfizer to sign off on it?

Hey EC: Always good to hear from Bonney Lake. If you're huge for Hathaway, this is pretty much a must-see. And you're right about the paucity of good rom-coms in 2010. Could be a short Asta post...

Trevor: You're welcome. I posted on a whim - may be back when the next whim arrives.

Joseph Oppenheim

I thought Edward Burns' "Nice Guy Johnny" was a pretty good rom-com in 2010.


Hey Joseph: Your mastery of obscurity is impressive. Never even HEARD about the Burns, and your "Keith" pick is new to me as well; I'll look into these...

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