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E.C. Henry

Ah, we do live in the era of cynics. I actually like MOST of those 13 lines, especially the one Will Smith utters in "Hitch."

BUT thanks for posting, Billy. As far as what a blog should look like, you're my gold standard. As I work on post #2 today. Once again I'll measure it by the bar you've set in this relm of the blogosphere.

Keep posting -- and post more frequently ;)

- E.C. Henry from a place roughly 2,000 miles from you.

Rob in L.A.

At the risk of reminding you of a Gary Marshall movie you’d rather forget — Happy Valentine’s Day!

(Where would the rom-com be without romance?)


EC: I know, a couple of those lines actually don't make me cringe. Guess one man's cheesy is another man's cheese.

Rob: Thanks for the holiday greeting. Particularly happy this year because there WAS no sequel (We have to wait for New Year's for that)...


Seriously, the critic put "YOu had me at hello?" on the list? Are you kidding me? That shows you some critics are just too jaded and don't know what they're talking about. If given 3 decades, I guarantee you that critic from Houghingotn Post could not come up with better lines... Admittedly, romantic comedies are plagued with the cheesiest of lines with the industry seemingly incapable of finding a great writer other than one every three years to write a good one, but those are not the lines... Notthing Hill, Love Actually and Jerry Maguire? Come on...those are classics. Just look at the Ashton Kutcher movies and some of the duds like Leap Year for inspiration.


So, I guess you're back Billy! after that hiatus? I do agree that Valentines movie was just terrible...surprised it came from Gary does a movie like that get made? Does Hollywood really have that hard of a tiem finding a good romantic comedy writer?

Also, isn't cheesy sometimes good? That had me at hello line was somewhat cheesy, but it was definitely effective...I went with a couple of girls....and the rows all around me were young girls or women and they were in tears with that scene. So, Cameron Crowe must have gotten something right. All I know is he hit some kind of chord.


Eric: I agree that some of the article's choices are debatable, especially given that the Crowe line has passed into the cultural lexicon (as has "Show me the money!" which with both the "Hello" and "Complete me" quotes makes a trifecta of memorable lines from one rom-com, not too shabby). As for the "Valentine's Day" writing issue... ... Don't get me started.

Joseph Oppenheim

Billy: I agree about your comments about the 3 great lines in "Jerry Maguire." So does Wikipedia, in fact it also adds a 4th quotable one, "Help me, help you."

Rob in L.A.

I thought I'd pass along something that a TV-writer friend of mine once said: "You know it's a romantic comedy if there's a running scene." He was talking about scenes where one lead realizes that he/she is in love with the other lead and runs through the streets to be with her/him. Examples include Shirley MacLaine in "The Apartment," Billy Crystal in "When Harry Met Sally," and Anita Yuen in the Hong Kong rom-com "He's a Woman, She's a Man."

That's how you can tell that "Jerry Maguire" is a romantic comedy: near the end, Tom Cruise realizes that he's in love with Renee Zellweger and runs through the streets in order to find her and give her his "You complete me" speech. If it runs, it's a rom-com.

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