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Home Inspector Expert

I totally loved every minute of this film, except Kathy Bates didn't seem like Gertrude Stein to me (lovable as she was) -- contrasting really over-the-top Ernest Hemingway. But really - what a great film!


Woody Allen is hard for me - I keep hearing "him" in all his characters, which I guess is his point, but it's way too distracting for me.

Although I loved Annie Hall. And if you say this one is good...I may rent it. When no one is around to judge me. ;)


I actually think that Woody Allen has grown as a storyteller... some of his works in the last decade have been quite superb, with exception to his rough patches (Deconstructing Harry).

One thing that bothered me and I guess even before I saw this movie, was with reality and comedy.... There's one school of thought that says that comedy has be grounded in reality to work...or at least be pulled off as believable...hence, if it's back to the can get away with it once... I'm just curious how much you can get away with.... and what you guys think about that? I mean of course he's Woody Allen and people would cut him a lot of slack....but what if this was a spec?

Rob in L.A.

I wanted to say something a tad off topic because I just saw a movie I loved. I’m sure that most folks reading this blog have already seen this film, and it’s a few years old already, but (because I’m not as mobile as I was in my see-everything-out-there years) I finally got around to watching “Lars and the Real Girl,” not a rom-com as such, but still with many elements in common.

This film did something that I can’t remember any other doing. Towards the end, when Bianca got “sick,” I felt sad for her — a filmmaking feat in itself. But at the same time, I kept laughing at the town’s unexpected outpouring of sympathy for her and Lars. So, even though the film made me sad, I was still laughing hysterically through the lump in my throat — a weird sensation!

That’s something that aspiring rom-com scribes can hope to do: make an audience laugh through their tears.


Home (I'll resist calling you Homie):
Funny, but I thought she was just fine. Maybe technically not flat-topped enough, but...

J: Them judges should all be hanged.

Eric: Interesting question. It's hard to envision this as being by some Unknown Somebody Else since it's so quintessentially Woody, but in terms of the fantasy device itself, I think the movie is an object lesson in simplicity and commitment. You got your time-traveling taxi, and your stroke of midnight: Boom. And that works for me (If anything, it's the "reality" sections that present carping issues).

Rob: LARS is such a room-splitter, and this case, I'm unfortunately on the other side of the room (Did not love it). But that hope of yours is certainly what I aspire to - there is nothing better than laughing over tears, in my book.

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