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You rock my world - what I truly enjoy is your truthful look at the process - from your script notes to watching something hit the long / complicated that process is.

It's important for us to know, so we can take up some kind of longform hobby - like quilting - in the meantime before we get famous. ;)

E.C. Henry

The cool thing is, you're still going. If Woody Allen's life begins at 75, why can't your blog-life begin at 7! Everything evolves over time. Expecting your blog to remain the same, is just like hearing a knock from that bordom, and then letting that schlemiel come in.

The key is, the blog has to be fun for you. In some capicity. You, Billy, have to have fun doing it. It's like that addage about writing comedy, "If the fun goes in, it will come out the same way."

Personally, I like the longer posts. I'd rather read something from you -- or other bloggers -- where they put some serious thought, time and effort into their blog posts.

Regaurdless of what happens next. Thanks for being there for last 6 years. I've really enjoyed most of your posts. You've led a very interesting life, Billy.

And I second "J's" comment, "You rock my world!"

- E.C. Henry whose gotta get back to pixel editing the CD cover of my latest screwball comedy, because it's not going to do it, itself. Where's James Cameron when you need him?!


J, I live to rock you.

EC, this is all helpful insight, and regaurdless of what hippens nex, I plan to follow your lead and have FUN ONLY. ;->


I appreciate you posting when the mood strikes rather than trying to enforce a weekly assignment. This should be for fun and pleasure. We readers won't get enjoyment out of it if you don't! :)


I love your blog because it allows me to keep up with E.C. Henry.


Rock on. Everyone.



Hi ScriptGrrl - Point taken!

Thanks, Scott: It's EC's world, and we're just living in it.

E.C. Henry

S M (Scott) and Mernitman, those were very nice things to say. REALIZING that there so many people like you out there who can't get enough E.C. Henry I have started a blog of my own. It's called "Inside the brain of E.C. Henry" and you can find it here:

I think I'm 15 posts in since Febuary. And plan on posting again this weekend. My blog isn't as nice as Billy's, but I have plans to fix it up, someday time willing... By the way, I checked my time at work for last week: 84 hours! BUT I requested this weekend off, hopefully that request will be granted.

Rob in L.A.

Congratulations on six years of living and celebrating the Annie and Alvy in us all. And, I hope, helping to inspire the next generation of wordsmiths to create moviedom's next generation of romantic and rib-tickling characters. We still need the eggs.


EC: Thanks for the blog link - and here's hoping you get some time off on this holiday weekend, so that the fertile mind of EC Henry doesn't overload.

Thank you, Rob, and yes - we certainly do still need the eggs.

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