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Rob in L.A.

Too many room-splitters.

Not enough side-splitters.


Out of all the actors I can't stand, Hugh isn't one of them. He's kind of like vanilla. Vanilla always vaguely plays the same character.

But I do enjoy a good mash-up. Especially when Iron Man is involved.


Rob, we definitely need more side-splitters. And screwball home-run hitters.

J: Iron Man rocks. And when will Robert D. make his great American romantic comedy? (Other than "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," of course, which only half-qualifies.)

E.C. Henry

I'm not a big Hugh Grant fan -- though the movies he's been in over the past 4 years are more palatable than when he made a name for himself. AKA I HATED Hugh Grant in "4 Weddings and a Funeral" and "Knotting Hill." BUT suprisingly I liked him in "American Dreamz," and "Music and Lyrics."
Overall I think Hugh Grant is a whimp. THUS it's very hard for me to like him a protatonist in any sort of romatic foibles adventure. I'm more of a Matthew McConaughey guy. I love the macho guy as oppose to the limp dick, Hugh Grant-esque main protagonist in romantic comedies.

That said, I do get Hugh Grant's appeal to women: he's a blabbermouth with a British accent. Women like to talk a lot. Hence, common idiot logic follows that women will like a guy who talks a lot -- they can idetify with it.

Loved the earlier comment about needing a more screwball home-run hitters. I'm working on putting the finishing touches on my latest masterpiece, which is a screwball comedy. Unfortuately the day job cuts into a lot of my writing time lately. I think this week I'm due to put in 80 hours in 1 week. Yep, 80 hours, 14-16 hours EVERYDAY so far this week. Still, I'm hoping that after work on Saturday, then with a final read on Sunday my latest spec. will be done and finnaly ready to be sent to MY GUY in L.A. He's a total-ass. You should get to know him, Billy.

- E.C. Henry from 2 states up north

Rachel Hauck

I love Hugh Grant. Pop Goes My Heart made me laugh out loud.

Writing a princely character right now who is a blend of Prince William and Hugh Grant. :) The Hugh Grant part surprised me but I love it. Makes the prince funny. ;)

Thanks for the post, Billy.



EC: 80 hours?! You're a rom-com phenomenon...

Rachel: ...annnnnnd that's what makes horse-racing, as they say. Personally, I'm a Hugh fan, and for those who aren't familiar with this spot-on '80s video parody from "Music & Lyrics," have a look:

E.C. Henry

Correction to earlier post, my guy who reads my stuff is a bad-ass (in a good way). I'd never talk shit about him, or refer to him in anyway that's not respectful. He's good, verry good.

- E.C. Henry

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