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E.C. Henry

Too bad Hollywood doesn't implore more of your advice in its movie offerings. We need better movies. Better movies with themes and stuff that make you think. So many movies out there are brain dead.

Billy, IF you ever read any of my stuff, I think you'd like what you read. I write with the goal of finding a story's "magic point." No formulas, no paradodies. Just with I could find that champion to bring my stories to the big leagues. Too bad so many of the castle doors are locked shut. - E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Rob in L.A.

“Sometimes, you have to break your heart to find it’s other half.” What a great tagline for a pseudo-rom-com! It’s absurd enough to be funny (something wouldn’t need another half if it weren’t broken) and sage enough to be true (if your heart doesn’t get broken, you might never know that it’s incomplete). In striking just the right equipoise between the poignant and the preposterous, these Disney writers, I’d say, are certainly earning their arbitration settlements.


EC: I like that "magic point" concept.

Rob: I endeavor to strike the right equipoise between the poignant and the preposterous on a daily basis, myself.

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