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Pienso que es la mentira.


Glad to hear this review cause I would NEVER have guessed all this based on the trailer. The only things that tempted me were Timberlake, who's generally charming, and Harrelson seemed funny in the trailer.

I was also a bit "??"ed that two similar movies came out at once -- this one and No Strings Attached.


Bernie thinks it's a lie, evidently.

Hi London Mabel: Superior to NO STRINGS (despite the original script for that having been truly funny) and a reasonably credible romance with great supports/subplotting. My enthusiasm for this needs to be couched in context, i.e. great as a contemporary rom-com, while not necessarily a Great One For the Ages (vs. say, BEGINNERS, which I think of as a great film, period).

Miss Mabel

I think I got that context--and thanks for the reminder about Beginners, cause it looks lovely.

We watched Just Go With It, with context in mind ("makes you believe these two belong together.") The daughter was funny, and Sandler was more likeable than Matthau in Cactus Flower. ;-)



radii supras

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

jordan homme

I find life an exciting business,The point is succinctness of expression.

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