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I can understand how (mostly?) younger people would gravitate to the idea that "there's only one for me." It *feels* like that when we're with that first, big, wonderful love.

But is it really The End, Fade Out at that point? No, life goes on, more stories unfold, particularly of a less than romantic nature. Life is messy.

I have a friend who lost his wife to cancer years ago. He's raising three kids on his own now and I've watched him gently dip his toe into the dating pool, even embarking on a serious relationship that eventually ended badly.

The hitch? During the ups and downs of that new relationship, at any moment he might privately feel the sudden urge to burst into tears over the loss of his deceased wife, unable to truly fill the hole in his heart she left behind.

Can someone like that still find happiness? I say love will find a way... in the form of another person.



Just working on a One After The One outline myself, and one of my worries about anything with "divorce" in the logline is going to look like a downer off the bat. I suppose the same could go for "dead wife" or "dead husband," although "widower" does, oddly, sound a bit romantic!

A few other possible entries for this category - (500) Days of Summer, The American President and America's Sweethearts.


Scott: In movies, things are tidier and more upbeat - the audience generally roots for a happy end and despairs of anyone ending up alone. Out here in the real world, I'd find it totally understandable if your friend ultimately doesn't find his way into another relationship, though I certainly hope he does.

MaryP: PRESIDENT is a great example, since the "I lost my One" idea is so key in setting up the audience (and the fictional American public) to willfully support both a single President, and one who begins to date. As for your log line, I'm sure you'll be putting the emphasis on the more upbeat "what comes after," so hopefully neither death nor divorce will make a reader blink.


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Judith Duncan

Hey Billy,
I think there is so much to the discussion of ,'The One' and 'The One After'.Here's my little snippet.There is a whole world of cultural and religious concepts that go into the ideas of ,'The One' especially in regards to women,who've been encouraged to believe in this because it keeps them sexually inactive,waiting for that one man who will fulfil their every dream. It does make me feel sorry for guys holding that sort of pressure.

I think 'The One After' has a lot
of room for romantic comedy and was dealt with interestingly in 'Enchanted'. The princess being the ultimate romantic stereotpye meeting the cynical (McDreamy) whose heart was broken when his wife left him and his daughter.


Judith: Thank you for thinking of the guys. And don't feel too sorry for them. Meanwhile, I think of ENCHANTED as one of the best rom-coms of the last decade, and you're right, it definitely fits the sub-genre.


Two Lovers, Swingers... I know there are more. I'll keep thinking.


Christina: Ah, SWINGERS - the last Vince V. film I actually liked! Good call. Must confess I still haven't seen TWO LOVERS. Worth a look?


Two Lovers is a beautiful movie. Definitely a must see for a rom com lover. (Though it's technically a drama.)

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