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Interesting article, especially when the comment what's to be lost by cutting that shit loose was said. Thanks for sharing you thoughts.


Dvlokken: Glad you like it when I get scatological.

Thanks for the great blog on writing romantic comedies! I come here often as romantic comedies are my films of choice to write and produce. It's funny how everyone says that Bridesmaids was written in 6 days but no one mentions the many rewrites, which probably turned it into comedy gold. Thanks for pointing that out.
Jane Kelly Kosek


Hey Jane Kelly Kosek: Thanks for reading me, and for the linkage in your blog, which readers of this one should check out and enjoy:!

How to Relieve Stress

Romantic comedies are definitely my favorite type of movie to watch. I most certainly never realized how much goes into creating them so it was interesting to read about this here.

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