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E.C. Henry

Cool story. Thanks for sharing. I think everyone can relate to putting on a front when in the presence of strangers. Usually this comes in the form of dealing with family, maybe over the holidays. At least your story had a happy ending. ;0 - E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


EC: Like I said, it had a happy ending... for the moment.


What a great story!


Barbara: And despite what's been left out of it... non-fiction!

Joanna Farnsworth

Ah, but fiction or non, this story is surely a "Periphery Man" best.

So, how about giving us the movie, about ...

A male Romance Writer who comes in from the "periphery" (and his "female nom de plume" day job) to get his own-name best seller story ("Under The Influence"), and by conquering the Wild West, wins back the girl of his (then) dreams.

Great story for these austerity times - to remind us all that humour and romance are all we REALLY need in life!


Joanna: Well, I like the setup... And I once did a kind of variation on this, in very first spec I came out to Los Angeles with... Which now you've got me thinking about again, actually - so thanks (I think)!

Joanna Farnsworth

Keep thinking on that spec. It's Hollywood worthy.

It has that core of universal truth. You know, what I call the "BE" elements. About being an outsider or insider. Being on the periphery or at the centre. Being in the wings or centre stage. Ego centric or others centric. Celebrity or self.

Even better, it's Romancing The Stone with a gender twist. It's JOE Wilder, crying over his female nom de plume's bodice ripper, who gets the call to go west to pitch as ghost-writer for Jim, and ends up with his first own-name bestseller romance.

Mr Periphery becomes a centrifugal force. Romantic fantasist becomes ideal romantic. Stone meets Tootsie meets City Slickers.

Great stuff, what? Go for it.

Elizabeth Ditty

Your notion to ask yourself "What would Cary Grant do?" is the best bit of advice for males I have ever heard. I shall be spreading this advice to every male I come across for the foreseeable future. Thank you!


Joanna: If you were a studio, I'd have an outline ready for you by Monday... But for now I'll have to add this worthy notion to the small pile of same, as I'm slaving away on my current project. "Romancing the West," eh? Something to look forward to.

Elizabeth: Glad you find it useful - it's often worked for me. Meanwhile: you seem to have had a riproaring time at the Austin festival. Nice pics.

Joanna Farnsworth

Wish I were a studio.

Just for you I'd be Fox, resurrecting the attitudinal structures of 20th Century Hits like "Stone" into new story packaging.

Yours has all the elements I'd be looking for, and I know I could rely on you to deliver it.

Now all we need is Robert Zemeckis.

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