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Billy, I think you're spot on with this blog post. Never understood why this film doesn't get more "play" when people list their favorite romantic comedies.

I recently decided to read the book and was fascinated at how well the screenplay captured the overall theme of the novel while adapting it for American sensibilities. Anyone who plans on, or perhaps one day figures to handle adapting an existing work into a screenplay should use this example as an exercise on how to do it right.

Thanks for posting!

Richard Botto
Stage 32


Richard: It's true - I picked up the book again after screening this and was startled by how much material had come more or less directly out of it - yet there were other smart moves made that reflected a savvy knowledge of what would work better on film.

Judith Duncan

Hey Billy,

Thanks for reminding me about High Fidelity,reading the post makes me want to run out and rent the dvd again. Truly loved it when it came out,so funny and real and intelligent.I've always had a big crush on John Cusack. I haven't read the book,but feel I should now,as Richard said, it would be a good study in how an adaptation works. Embarrassed to admit I actually dated someone like the Tim Robbins character,
didn't last long thankfully,but I know how real that character is.


Judith, I was kind of jazzed by how well it holds up. Glad your Robbins didn't last too long, and I'm with you on Cusack: he was always my go-to "what I had in mind" for my male leads.

The confidence guru

never seen this movie and I think I'll go get it soon, my wife will love it, i'm sure.


Confidence Guru: Great, but a cautionary note - this film exposes aspects of the male psyche that some women may find disturbing! ;->

usa comedienne

Thanks for sharing these romantic comedy classics cause me and my wifey are planning to have a movie marathon this coming weekend.

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