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Rob in L.A.

I'm sold! Good post — a pleasure to read!


Thank you, Rob - Hope you enjoy the film (and I think you will).

Rob in L.A.

Once again: Happy Valentine's Day to all romantics out there! And to everyone else as well!


Thank you so much for posting this. Let's hope more people will go see this fantastic film.

I've been a fan of Pina Bausch for many years and had the privilege of seeing Tanztheater Wuppertal perform Nelken back in 1999 at UCLA. It was a performance that has stayed with me ever since and will probably stay for the rest of my life. It was incredibly inspiring and humbling.

I can't say it any better than you already have but her Rite of Spring is the most amazing version ever. I have not seen a choreographer understand and channel the essence of that music and its emotional core any better. It's raw, primal and exactly what it should be, and I felt exactly what you said: "How could it ever be otherwise?"

I'm no fan of 3D but in this case I have to say Wim Wenders really did it justice.

Yes. Go see this film now!


Teddy: I can't wait to see it again, actually. And you've reminded me that the music - all the music used in the film - was extraordinary. I wonder if (an Oscar would help) there'll be a soundtrack...

Best Romantic Comedies

Wow, both sound fascinating and an excellent well written review. I will definitely be back to get more of your views in the future. Great site.


I saw PINA last week, and loved it. To someone like myself, whose abilities in artistic expression are pretty much limited to words, there is someting so amazing and enviable about dancers who are able to express so much emotion and drama through phsyical movement. Her choreography and her troupe of dancers were phenomenal. How wonderful that you actually got to see Cafe Mueller live, I can imagine that would be an unforgettable experience.


Best Rom-coms: Thanks for visiting!

Pat: Glad you enjoyed it, and yes, the "effective nonverbalism" of it all is mightily impressive. An interesting Cafe Muller note, made by a fellow writer: Almodovar used an excerpt from a performance of Muller at the beginning of his film TALK TO HER (a film I love, btw), with a different dancer in the "stage manager" role... and it has a completely different emotional feel and resonance. Worth taking a look.


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Valentine Day

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