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Billy, you totally nailed it with this post.


Oh boy. This is exactly the kind of audiobook project I get called to do. Thank goodness I work in the privacy of my own studio.


Trevor: Thanks! I'm going to avoid any double-entendre jokes re: your choice of words.

Binnie: Right. But by all means, do let me know if a recording of "Binnie Does 50 Shades" becomes available...

Martha Michaels

Oh, my point, you're right, no woman wants to see her most base fantasies on the big screen.


Happy you agree, Martha! You being a woman, and all.

Rob in L.A.

mernitman, another factor that underlines your point is that any erotic story worth its steam — even if it isn't hard-core — would get an NC-17 rating (e.g., "Henry & June," "Showgirls," the director's cut of "Eyes Wide Shut"). And the major studios usually avoid an NC-17 like an STD.

On the other hand, these same audiovisual conglomerates don't have the same opprobrium for the TV-MA ratings that adult-oriented cable-TV fare carry. And I suspect that several of the high-profile pay-TV offerings that carried a TV-MA rating would have garnered an NC-17 if released theatrically.

So, I think (given present circumstances) erotic projects like this one would reach their best audiences if done for cable TV and not for the big screen.

P.S. I thought that "Snow Falling on Cedars" was a remarkably well-made film. I just couldn't understand why Yuki Kudo's American-born, American-raised, American-educated character spoke with a Japanese accent.

Rob in L.A.


Rob: Struck dumb.

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