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E.C. Henry

Six years old, or just said six minutes ago. Good advice is good advice. Writing everyday adds consistancy to your work. It sure beats starts-stops-starts again. Keep the flow going. Good stuff.

AND speaking of good stuff I just finished watching "As Good as It Gets" (1997: Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt) with my father. And both he and my mother liked the film! Score. Before that I watched "(500) Days of Summer," with my dad catching the tail-end of it. And though "(500) Days" is ripe with youth, hip kind of stuff, my 66-year-old father responded relatively favorably to it. Score! I write this because I sometimes have a hard time relating to them as pertains to my love of cinema.

Rob in L.A.

Great article! Thanks for re-posting.


EC: Happy to hear that you "scored" with the folks on two good rom-coms. Hopefully it'll help them understand what excites you about the genre.

Rob: Thanks for reading!

Judith Duncan

Hey Billy,
Thanks for reposting.
All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead. -- Gene Fowler
Love it! I think I'll paste that on my computer.
I'm just catching up on a few posts as I've been doing an advanced class at UCLA extension and this is very timely.I do think it's true about the consciousness becoming engaged. The more I think about my screenplay and the more I write,the more the muse gets juiced up.However I find my muse is very unruly and decides to give me great ideas when I'm on the phone at work. The left and right side of my brain firing at the same time. I'm off to search for some Thelonious Monk on youtube :)


Judith: Muses are like that. They love to keep you on your toes...

Kid In The Front Row

This is so fantastic. I've shared this with a heap of people.

Tracey Curzon-Manners

Enjoyed this read about writing.


Thank you, Kid!

And welcome, Tracey. Hope it helps with whatever you're working on.

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