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E.C. Henry

Billy, that first sentence got me worried. You don't hafta pull stunts like that to get my attention.

I know where I go for the truth, BUT I respect that you are of a different religious belief.

BUT we can always center on our commonalities: the entertainment business. And as such it is incumbent on you and I to create things that entertain the masses, and give them coping mechanisms to deal with the deficiencies in life.

MaryAn Batchellor

I rarely comment on anything political but I am sick to death of politics so here we go. We are all liars. Every one of us.

Look on the news, web, wherever at speeches, blogs, articles, twits, comments, programs, on any side of any issue and see how incapable we are of addressing issues minus venom or satire. It's like we're all self appointed cartoonists. And see how that ugliness goes viral because of humor or disgust and how both sides spread the same filth for their own purposes. Still, it spreads.

We must accept each other's rights to make choices, foolish as they may seem to us. We need not approve of them. There is a vast difference between "acceptance" and "approval". We must also be allowed to speak our opposition to those choices IF they are put to a vote or affect us as individuals. But we've become a country of political bigots.

We have chosen certain issues that are okay to oppose and others that are off limits (or you're sub-human if you oppose)depending on which camp you reside in politically, religiously, economically, or socially. For some people, it is okay to make Christianity a punchline. For others, it's President Obama. For still others, it's gays or vegans or fat people or Democrats or dwarfs or Muslims or pro-lifers or Scientology or ....

It goes on and on. My Facebook is dripping with disdain and I'm ready to ditch it. We don't want to discuss issues. We want to be right.

The reality here is that most of us think of bigotry as blatant racism or some other extreme politically incorrect behavior when, in fact, we probably practice some form of bigotry every day. We just have blinders on.

Because we're lying to ourselves.


Hey EC: Sorry if you were upset by my opener, though I would've thought the second sentence would alleviate your concerns...!

MaryAn: Always great to hear from you, and I'm with you on your exasperation with All That. "We don't want to discuss issues. We want to be right" is the perfectly put crux of the matter, and it drives me crazy on a daily basis.

My post - though guilty of invoking politics, en route - is really aimed at a more specific issue: how the very concept of "non-fiction" and "journalism" are in clear and present danger of becoming meaningless terms, by now. Did you check out Monson's piece? Intriguing food for thought, I thought (and really good writing, besides).

MaryAn Batchellor

I did check that out. Great piece and intimidatingly well written.

My tangent was leading somewhere and never arrived. Now, I don't recall its destination but I do hope NBC's latest example of corporate "truthiness" forced on the American public will give us all pause.

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