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Trailers really help me decide to go to a film - and this trailer was confusing with brick-laden jokes. I was never sure what it was actually about.

I mean, who wants to go see a movie about time passing?

I'm sure it was about more than that, but that's what I essentially got from the trailers...

Deb Montoya

The only thing I know about this movie is that Jason Segel said something about how it's funny when he's naked. Ah, romance.


Ellen G

It was unbearably bad. That section with him as hairy survivalist? (Segel complained about having to lose 30 pounds, but then to deliberately make the male protagonist grossly repulsively unattractive?)
I don't understand how these guys with money and power (Apatow, Segel) create an industry bubble wherein the emperor has not a stitch. The few funny quips were in the trailer already, a ton of money spent on advertising, and it was a giant leaden unsexy stinkbomb. Can you tell I didn't like it Billy? And I'm not a hater because I really wanted to love it. xxoo

E.C. Henry

Great post as always, Billy. I went out and saw "The Five-Year Engagement" at the Bonney Lake Multiplex (which is the only place on Earth that one really should watch a film ;-P) last Sunday night, and I really liked it.

YES, it's not you're mainstream, atypical, happy-go-lucky romantic comedy -- BUT it's good none-the-less. Good on its own terms. Jason Segal's onscreen personna works. He is very likeable guy, easy to follow, and easy to root for.

What I thought lacked in "The Five Year Engagment" was balls-in-the-air; this story needed more than merely Tom (Jason Segal) struggle with Violet (Emily Blunt) academic career. It needed other storylines to blossom. I think that COULD have been mined from Chris Pratt and Allison Brie, which hail from NBC's "Parks and Recreation" and "Community". Also Violet's community at the Univercity of Michgan was under-tapped.

TOTALLY dissagre with you about "nobody likes too long", Mernitman. Case-and-point, "The Lord of the Rings" saga. The key with long is to couple it with good. ANY "bad" movie feels too long.

You are spot-on about date night audiences want to feel good. First time I can remember you acknowledging this truth. Totally agree with you there, Mernitman.

Sorry that "The Five-Year Engagement" didn't do better at the box office. Overall I liked it. Sure it had some flaws, but I laughed, and I thought this movie had a lot of romantic moments throughout. I especially liked the scene in bed with Tom and Violet, where Tom goes off. BUT then Violet calms him down and attempts to get to the bottom of what's ailing Tom. A lesser sreenwriter would take that scene and have Violet storm out of the room; your classic blow-up scene. But instead Violet acts in character, a smart woman, and attempts to help Tom through his anguish. Good stuff.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

MaryAn Batchellor

Never thought about rom com length before but since by nature, people like to avoid uncomfortable relationship issues, it only makes sense that in a relationship-based film, an audience will not want to drag out the agony longer than necessary.


Just Me: I love that - Why go to the movies to watch time passing?! It's like... Next week: Adventures in Breathing Air!

Deb: No. But there is a funny bit where Jason fakes an orgasm, a funny and inevitable Scenes We'd Like to See reversal.

Elle, but what did you really think? Meanwhile, you can't not be amused by the consciously PC "one from Column A, one from Column B" group of colleagues for Emily: Indian, Asian, African-American. No room for like, an Essai Morales?

EC, I enjoyed that scene, too, for its unpredictability - it really did hang in there and seesaw, the way such moments actually do in real life...

MaryAn: Same impulse, ironically, that makes us turn from those issues to say, Hey, let's forget the whole thing and go to a movie.

Bernard Badion

'Get in quick and get out early!' Thoughtful post! You're right about the Apatow movies. I guess it's one of those issues that he's made so much money in the past, why tell him he can't do something? I love his movies, but do agree with you.


Bernard: Yes, Apatow gets away with it, 'cause he's that good; the problem is, all of his many friends and associates are following suit (e.g. Stoller and Segel) and they're not, necessarily.

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