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Chera Federle

Yes! Couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you, Billy, for this truly heartfelt reflection of an amazing, iconic scribe, who will forever be a mentor to me.


Beautiful tribute Billy-we all love her,but maybe especially you, big loss-we were lucky to have her... K xo

Anita Hollander

What a great piece, Billy. What a great subject. And what a great loss. Thanks for expressing it so well.

E.C. Henry

Stirring tribute, Billy. You're so lucky to have met Nora Ephron. I've always wanted too. Would have LOVED to get one of my rom-com's purchased, then have Nora one of the pro brought in to do a re-write. Would have been an honor to get re-written by one of the all-time greats. Will miss Nora Ephron. Hope she was happy in this live, and happier all the more in the after-life.


Chera, Karen, Anita, & EC: Thank you, guys. I had no idea that I'd be as emotionally affected by this loss as I was, maybe because I didn't expect NE to leave the room so soon. What's neat is that the blogosphere is filling up with links of interviews with her, so we get to hang out with Nora a bit. Here's one that's got some great clips:


You're so right – this one hurts. Really hurts. Thanks for a beautiful heartfelt post.

Rob in L.A.

A wonderful tribute.

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Barbara & Rob (and Air Max, if you're not a spam machine): Glad I could share.

Gustavo Garcia

Most of these movies on this post were mentioned in last night's Jeopardy episode. It is a shame that the creative world lost such an iconic contributor.

Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt piece

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