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Chera Federle

Finally catching up with your Death and Resurrection blogging and really enjoying it.

First of all, I am surprised that there are no comments pertaining to #5 – the HI-FI post – for, at the time, this film was, dare I say - genius? Granted, it was an adaptation, but it gave us a story that, in essence, rode the curb of reality - maybe a bit too close for some - you either loved it or you hated it.

Additionally, I think you are brave to share your reality - to give us a glimpse of your fantastical expectations of relationships – relating them to the RomCom genre. Have you considered writing “YOUR SCREENPLAY”? (I sense a Woody Allen-esque approach.) However, I hope that other romantic comedy writers and hopefuls are learning from your insight.

And finally, I would be interested in your thoughts on one of my favs - The Story of Us, you know, that Bruce Willis – Michelle Pfeiffer gem. I may be the only one on the planet right now who absolutely loved this Romantic Dramedy that gave us a realistic approach to a marriage on the brink of dissolution – where two people go out searching for what they think is missing in their lives. They end up realizing - despite all the bad stuff – that they are made for each other.

Thank you for this – all of it. Looking forward to more.


Chera: Thanks for reading and commenting. I, too, rate "Hi-Fi" high up there on the short-list of rom-com greats - which may not have come across in this particular context; the link in the para that's 3rd from the end is more of an unabashed rave (w/clips!).

I have to confess I only have vague memories of "The Story of Us," but with your nudge, I'll take another look - soon as I get my head out of the 2000s!

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