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Wow!!! awesome presentation! it is a utterly laudable presentation. as well this article contains whole story awesome once of the speak mind-blowing. i like that too much. thanks a lot for your wonderful sharing. please give us more love story in your article or site.

Walter Biggins

Billy, thanks so much for these installments, and for having the courage to share the pain of your failed marriage.


I agree with Manhattan's sentiments. Very poetic and revealing. You're a giver.

It is very interesting to explore how America's wish fulfillment fantasies changed - or didn't change "enough" - after 9/11.

We certainly live in a bubble when it comes to other realities of global life; it stands to reason we would still cling to fairy tale and/or archetypal visions of our roles in the mating dance, for better and worse.

Combine that with our increasingly internet-obsessed society that further isolates us from each other, and what do you have? The need for romantic comedies to show us/remind us how to connect intimately to another flesh and blood human being.

At least until the day when all rom-coms will be some version of "Surrogates," the Bruce Willis sci-fi action film. There may still be comedy in the romance, but it will be our surrogate robots doing the laughing. But hopefully not the smooching.


manhattan you speak so much of like what i hear when living back in my lovely city.

Walter, it's great to hear from you! Hope yours is going fantastically, as I suspect it must be.

Scott: Dude! What you said.

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