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E.C. Henry

Wow, Billy, NEVER thought I'd hear you say you looked to the movies to heal your ills in the real life.

Me, on the other hand, I NEVER look to the movies for that, rather I look to the movies for inspiration. Don't believe that society drives the movies. Rather, I believe that the movies help drive society. This reality became evident to me in high school with the release of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" seeing kids in my own high school trying to mimic those two baffoons.

Glad you made it out of your dark time, and that things are better now.

Sure there were some duds in the rom-com genre after the turn of the century. BUT there has also been some real great rom-coms too. Hope your able to embrace the sucesses more than lament the failures. That's how I roll.


Good stuff! I love it.

Elizabeth Ditty

What a great intro to this series! (I'll even forgive your dig at RETURN TO ME, which I always found incredibly charming with its touch of magical realism and awesome elderly folks.) ;-) I, too, have often looked to films for comfort and advice; I think that's one of the mass appeals of cinema really. We want to see our own lives reflected back at us, but just a little prettier.


EC: I have a feeling you're going to hear me say a number of things you've NEVER heard me say, over the course of this series...

Barbara: Thenkew!

Elizabeth: "Our own lives reflected back at us, but just a little prettier" - I love this. May have to steal it. ;->


I do think you should steal Elizabeth's line - it's perfect. I loved this post. As a longtime reader of your blog and novel, I felt like I was watching you as a movie. And loved the happy ending you got with Judith (and the dogs). Can't wait to see where you take it!


On my end, I've been long in waiting for a romantic comedy that tops You've Got Mail. And then there are those movies that are more difficult to define, comedy or romance or what is it?, that burst upon the scene not as fireworks but backyard sparklers... and its in that gray space that my expectations of romance have been formed. Goals shouldn't be imposed on love. It should be allowed to breath and die. I'm glad you pointed at The Wedding Planner as this embodies exactly what I dislike about its type: why do romantic comedies show two people together who for the entire film try to put on a show for the other and the danger is when the other truly understands who the other is? It makes for such a... fake... experience.

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