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E.C. Henry

Great insight into the development of "Bridesmaids" Billy. Too cool you got to be part of it. All your hard work, and reading of numerous drafts paid off.

I really like how you said the story was "all over the place"; as a pre-pro writing spec. scripts of my own I can relate to that. Great instincts lobbying for Rhodes to be the "good guy prize" for Annie. Some of the "small stuff" with Annie's failed bakery really registered with me too.

Tony Conniff

Shouldn't ballsweat be one word? Or at least hyphenated (ball-sweat)?

Tony 'useful comments' Conniff


EC: Yes, we often have to go "all over the place" to get to the place we want to go. I'd even argue that it's a necessary part of the process.

Wow, Tone: You've caused me to have to reconsider my entire approach to language. Seriously, though, I've been accused of being a "dash" abuser, so I've been trying to weed them out. But as a point of fact, "ballsweat" is apparently not considered a legitimate word, and generally the phrase is used with no dash between the words (see Google, i.e. the Ultimate Authority on Everything in the Known Universe).

Timothy Miller

I think the preferred term has always been "scrotal dew".

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