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Wonderful series, Mr. Mernit!


So much good stuff here. I suppose the fairy tale version of New York depicted in countless rom-coms couldn't sustain its illusions through an entire TV series, so you get the wonderful "nuggets of truth" from "Louie" and "Girls," but also the relief that I am not a single person, there in particular.

That moment with your dog? How nice to have someone to enjoy that with. And I will share "lost in the rest of an ordinary day" with my partner in romance, as inspiration to attempt to get lost less. To be present as much as possible, because I don't think you can have romance without being present.

There's a notion for a frugal Valentine's Day: Our romance requires only your presence. Yes, the spell-check is on.


Thank you Binnie! And congrats on your continuing rom-com success. ;->

Scott: "Get lost less" sounds like a good motto to me (re: being here now, in a relationship or not). Thank you for sticking with this series and for your many comments - much appreciated!

Teddy Pasternak

Terrific series. Thank you!

Daniel Smith

It's been an interesting read. I must confess, I looked hungrily in my reader many times waiting on each morsel. But I wonder...

My wife and I of 7 years went to a marriage retreat about a year ago led by a Dr. and Mrs. Eggerichs. It changed how I view marriage, men, women, all of it. You can find out more at loveandrespect dot com. Everything they said is backed by decades of psychological research. As a self-professed rom-com junkie, you should look into it if only for a different but highly accurate view of how men and women interact with one another. But definitely go for one of the conferences over the book. I was very skeptical before we went, but very glad afterwards. So far, we're still together and I don't think that's going to change.

My best to you, Judith, Tabitha, and your work.


Thank you, Teddy.

Daniel, that's interesting, and I'll look into the Eggerichs' work. Hope your romantic comedy continues to thrive...


Thanks for finally talking about >Living the Romantic Comedy:
Death & Resurrection #18

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