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Ourdia Hodge

Great article on flipping cliches on their heads.
I agree with you about the scene where the protagonist runs away from the airport in Heartbreakers. I laughed too, it was so deliciously clever.

By the way thank you so much for your Death and Resurrection series. It was entertaining, insightful and moving. Long live your current love life!


Thank you Ourdia for reading and enjoying. Hope your own romantic comedy life goes well!

Judith Duncan

Billy,I really want to thank you for the series of Rom-Com truisms. It's been great therapy.
So many ' aha' moments for me. I feel like I should stand up and say ,'Hi,my name is Judith and I'm
a romance- a- holic.I think in the way some people can't have a drink without downing the whole bottle and more,romance-a-holics find it hard not to get swept up in the romance of a situation. I have finally learnt that getting swept off my feet means I land on my ass. The next time I meet a man in whom I am romantically interested, I am hoping to keep my feet on the ground even if my heart wants to fly. Hmmm,now that sounds like agood idea for a screenplay.


Judith, you're so welcome. And actually, yes: good idea for a SP, but also I may have to steal this for a country western tune - "Swept Off My Feet (Means I Land on My Ass)").

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