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E.C. Henry

Great pictures, Billy -- especially of Mit Romney in the "50 First Dates."


Stay tuned for:
"Imagine Me & You" (no thank you)
"He's Just Not That Into You"
"10 Things I Hate About You"
"How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days"
and finally
"The Break-Up"
because I refuse to
"Just Go With It"


EC - The site keeps adding new ones. Funny stuff.

Scott: Great list - and RomCom 2012 really ought to be all over "He's Just Not That Into You": perfect.

Timothy Miller

The image of Ione Skye (whom I still have a crush on) in the arms of Mitt Romney really creeps me out.


Timothy there's something about Mitt's face, photo-shopped into almost anything, that's inherently creepy.

Willie T. Stokes

If this isn't a funny concept for a rom-com then I don't know what is:

Billionaire offers $64 million to any man who can seduce and marry his lesbian daughter.

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