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I've see precious few movies recently, but one was "Argo." It definitely had this aspect! In the end the hero (Affleck) ultimately breaks the rules to rescue the folks stuck in Iran--but doesn't he do it more to serve himself than them? I dunno.


Jamy: Yeah, interesting that - the ego is always at the wheel. You could say he's serving both, I guess... Good, well-made movie, regardless.


I did like Argo--and I was pleased with the way Affleck comported himself. I've always liked him and this was a nice, low-key piece of filmmaking.

Judith Duncan

Hi Billy,
I haven't seen any films this month,I took up the NaNoWriMo challenge.So when I'm not at work or swimming,I'm writing.Which has been great,though I'll never get to 50,000 words by next week,If I'm lucky,I'll get to half.It's been a great exercise. I've found that literary agents are more open to receiving things from newbies than anyone in the screenwriting biz.I remember you did a post ages ago about George R.R.Martin moving from screenwriting to prose and it made me think,that perhaps there were other avenues to get my ideas out there.
So,to your question,though I haven't see the movies,I think the 'me or us'focus is very much the zeitgeist in 1st world countries now and the kind of question that's being asked by politicians and the everyman/woman. It's a natural flow on effect that we should be seeing that in film.We sit there in the cinema looking up at ourselves sorting through our moral dilemmas.

Simon Tael

Well I am glad I am not the only one who thinks all recent Hollywood movies seem to be fundamentally the same or just a remake of another movie that was already made a year ago.

Ya moral dilemna seems to be a big theme recently.

Just can't hold it back anymore...that new spiderman movie "the Amazing Spiderman" OMG it was such a blatant cash grab - so bad. Who thinks "hey lets remake a global hit into something lame."


Judith: Good luck with your word productivity! And we'll keep looking up at ourselves...

Simon: It's hard not to be cynical at this point in the game. Ironically, the better "same but different" variations that come out this time of year actually do give one hope. Seen "Silver Linings Playbook?" It's a same-old that was new enough to make me chortle and tear up.

Joanna Farnsworth

Is this focus actually a trend?

Maybe. At lease it's an attempt at the "personality metaphor" story structure we used to get in most popular movies.

You know, like "Selfist vs Teamist" - "Solo" in Star Wars and "Maverick" in Top Gun, and lots of lesser hits too.

I suppose the good news is that Hollywood may have figured out this structure works with the audience.

The bad news is these newer movies just don't have the same story depth as the older ones.

I know I harp on and on about this apparently lost attitudinal structure - but I, for one, want it back.

Moving "story visuals" are no substitute for "moving story" visuals.


Joanna, let's hope it's a trend and that as always, the good will out. Anything that encourages better, deeper writing in Hollywood!

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