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E.C. Henry

Yay, my favorite post of the year has come. Thanks for this belated Christmas gift, Billy.

Just saw "Silver Linings Playbook" last night. Thought the first half of this movie was rather boring, but then in the middle it started getting good. Who knew Jennifer Lawrence could do rom-coms? Could be a genre game changer. What a great, young actress she is. Really like her bright future.

As for 2012, my favorite rom-com was "Ted". You hit the nail on the head with your annalysis of it, a bromance with a rom-com sub-plot. 2nd place goes to "Silver Linings Playbook".

Is the rom-com genre dead? Not by a long shot. Did read the link you provided -- twice! And from my perspective what I think the rom-com genre needs the most is to find and develope the next "it" girls. I'm talking the next Meg Ryan type. I see a distinct void in the genre of young women ready to step into the shoes of a post-Meg-Ryan rom-com landscape. Back in early 2000s I would have place all my money on Linday Lohan being that girl. But aye aye aye, in retrospect, I'm glad In never placed that bet.

Too get that next "it" girl I think the major studios need to be looking at networks like the CW and WB who have a lot of shows tailored for teens. Mine those fields much like Hollywood did with "Saturday Night Live" and took its performers and made them comedy, features stars. Make sense?

As for hope for the future? I'm all in. I will NEVER give up on the rom-com genre. I think it is the most important genre of them all: as it subconscioulsy teaches us how to love, and -- if used properly -- can inspire the populus in romantic adventures of their own. And honestly, who wants that, a world without romance. I know that, I for one, do not.

Rob in L.A.

I'm glad that "Safety Not Guaranteed" at least got an honorable mention.

As good as "Silver Linings Playbook" is — especially the performances by Lawrence, De Niro, and particularly male lead Bradley Cooper — I think that its important (and a bit pat) dance-competition plot line was introduced too late in the narrative not to come off as left-field-ish.

As for "Moonrise Kingdom," the film's view of its characters struck me as a wee bit condescending — but just a wee bit, and it was a view that ultimately meshed with the film's heightened atmosphere and skeptical perspective on 1960s nuclear-family America.

So, for reasons of story structure and characterization, I personally would give the edge to "Safety Not Guaranteed." But this year had some good competition. And I tip my hat to 2012's Astas.


I've been perfecting a hybrid/rom-com for 4 years now and I can't wait to share it with the world.

Keep Rom-Com's Alive!! *Heston voice*


EC: You ARE the spirit of romantic comedy.

Rob: Thanks for the hat tip!

GNetterville: I'm a fan of de Botton's "On Love" as well. I'll imagine hearing quotes from it in a *Heston voice* while the world readies itself for your hybrid.


Interesting! I'll check some of these out.

I enjoy Hart of Dixie as a rom com tv show. Not brilliant or cutting edge, but it gives me a nice rom com glow for one hour each week.


I finally saw Silver Linings Playbook and I totally agree with you - I thought it was the best rom com of 2012. I thought they knocked it out of the park. Jackie Weaver included with the other three already mentioned. I was really surprised - I expected to like it, not put it amongst my favorite movies of all time. I immediately wanted to see it again when I was walking out of the theater. Maybe I know too many crazy people? Because that shit rang true.

Rob in L.A.

I just saw "Your Sister's Sister," which I enjoyed very much. However, it seemed like a stretch to make one sister British and the other American. The filmmakers had to explain a very convoluted backstory, which took me out of the movie. (Why not just have Emily Blunt do an American accent?) But very good performances. And a good movie overall.

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