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E.C. Henry

Lots of love for the Mernitman. Would LOVE to get to the point in my career where I get notes from him, filtered or otherwise. Till then I keep tuning in because I want to know how and why behind the story mechanic advice for fixes.


Now that I'm getting into the production side of things, I'm getting the strangest notes, where three producers collapse their notes into one document that has contradictory notes in it. Finally, I asked them - send me each of your notes separately. Which they did, but the one who interpreted them into one document seemed miffed.

It's sad that in your case, the writer can't read your notes directly and talk to you.

The longer I try this screenwriting thing, the more I wish I had married rich in my 20s, when I had the chance.

Mark Martino

This one blog and its included links may be the best gift to humanity your site has ever provided. While I've heard bits and pieces of this discussion over many years, this is the best explanation I've encountered. Good movies, like good cars, get derailed in development and production by all kinds of well-intentioned tweaks. Not every one drives a sports car. Sometimes people just want more cupholders.


Mr. EC! Great to hear from you as always. Thank you for tuning in, and I hope you have a productive and creative holiday season.

Christina: Ah...! The Case of the Miffed Interpreter. I will wager that there are thousands of Miffed Interpreters throughout the industry. Often they are called interns, and junior execs, and CE's. Sometimes giving notes to them is like giving a text in English to a foreign language translator who is also a rewriter. Meanwhile, I wish I had married rich in my 20s, too (and then gotten divorced in time to meet my current wife).

Thank you Mark! As the cupholder controversies continue...

Rob in L.A.

Old joke: Two Hollywood producers are talking to each other at a cocktail party.

Producer 1: I just bought he best script that I ever read in my entire life!

Producer 2: Who are you going to get to rewrite it?

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