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"What happens when a guy with dating ADD, due to the constant flow of Availables already lined up on his iPhone, finally meets his match - but she has the same issue?" I've been working on an idea loosely based on this concept. I'm seeing it happen with my friends - two players hook up, everyone can see they're perfect for each other, but they're both so used to be on the prowl that they can't help themselves and end up sabotaging a good thing. What so surprising is to watch my female friends in their 40s say "f--- it" and become sluts after being good or married or monogamous in their 20s and 30s. Lots of material here!


Great post, Billy, as always.

On Facebook you wrote "OMG! Everything's different. Or not."

I would suggest there is something fundamental that's different: people today have less desire to intimately connect because other things take the place of personal contact, triggering our reward system yet leaving us ultimately unsatisfied in very important ways.

I predict "Warm Bodies" will be successful because it taps into not just the zombie craze but this great emotional detachment that started with not knowing our neighbors and extended to not knowing our hook-up partners. Did we lose ourselves also?

E.C. Henry

Great reply, Scott! Great breakdown of our current, global, romantic conundrum. Fuck Dr. Phil, you the man!

Though I understand the need to know what's going on out there, I also realize the greater need to infuse vision to society as a whole. Screenwriters are leaders, not followers. I believe it's up to us, the enlightened, to bring the masses into the light of a better day. Problems with romance? Kay, leave it to me, and others like me, and we'll give you stories that will inspire you to have a REAL romances of your own. Is this bravado speaking? Damn straight, Skippy! But I honestly believe that the screenwriters ARE the inspiration for a better tomorrow, so let us lead and not follow.

Chris Badeaux

Billy, this post rocks! Amazing. I think today, as a society, we're lazy. Hence the fast food mentality, which I feel translates well into the dating scene as well. That is until you fall in love, because that's when that fast food mentality ends, and the meticulous ingredient search mixed with joy awakens the lazy spirit, all for that very special girl or guy. Love will always be understood and longed for in movies, but it's the way that leads us there that has changed I feel. This post opened so many doors in my head, so thank you!


Christina, sounds like you have your finger on the right pulse.

Scott: Agreed, and intrigued by "Warm Bodies." And "other things taking the place of personal contact" does seem to be the thematic through-line of interest, here. Well put.

Lead on, EC!

Chris, you're so welcome - "opening head doors" could be my mission statement.


You make several excellent points, and the take-away for me is, "stay current, stay relevant, write well."

But, give me your POV on the stats: (source

Silver Linings Playbook (2012): prod cost $21M, 9 week Foreign + Dom = $55M


The Proposal (2009) Prod cost $40M, F+D over 20 weekends $317.3M

or something more recent--and considered a flop?

This Means War (2012) Prod cost $65M, F+D over 17 weekends $157M

Is the ROI difference due to R rating? Or, not marketing it as a RomCom? Or, is the modern RomCom audience not truly interested in modern "reality," instead choosing an escape/entertainment?

Enquiring minds want to know. ;)


#18 on the list of "Signs Your Relationship May Have Intimacy Problems": The most romantic thing your boyfriend has ever said is "I love how you make my feel on Facebook."


Tracinell: You raise a lot of good questions and I don't have ready-made answers. Re: SILVER, the slow platform release is a big factor - hard to say how it'll ultimately do until after the Oscars, but obviously, it's been awhile since an Old School rom-com like The Proposal has really scored (It's Complicated did pretty well). Re: the R-rating, that stigma is fading, but slowly... and your last question is one that every studio would like to know the answer to. From my POV, I'd say both kinds of movies (i.e. reality-based and escapist) are finding an audience.

Scott: LOL.

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