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Yup. This is amazing. And of course true.

E.C. Henry

Funny. Out where I live we have a lot of deer and elk running around, but to date I've never seen animals mating. What a way to start your morning off, Billy. Who knew So. Cal's animal romance life was so alive and well!

Judith Lewis

I'm so glad you got footage. I never would have fully appreciated the TRH factor.

Rick Klauber

You sure this wasn't Ralph and Ed after a night at the Lodge?


JustMe: Always pursuing that critical High Bar...

EC: Alive, well, and a little scary, actually.

Judith: Always thinking of you, honey.

Rick: New interpretations of "To the moon, Alice!"


Fantastic. It's akin to what I used to call "the tv test." When I'm on a date, I sometimes ask myself "would I rather be here than home watching tv?" If it even occurs to me to ask this, well, it's not a good sign.

(Totally aside--what do you think of someone (not me) who has written 18 unproduced screen plays? Is that a good sign or a bad sign? Fortitude or absurdity?)


Jami: 18 SP within what period of time?

Chris Badeaux

Haha! This just took screenwriting to a whole new level! I'll constantly be comparing my imaginary TRH to what I'm writing from now on :)


What would be better/worse, more or less time? I don't know the answer but my guess is over more than a decade.

Teddy Pasternak

As much as I enjoy looking at these pictures of TRH, I'm dying to hear your thoughts on Amour. Are you still planning on doing a post about that film?


Chris: Excellent.

Jamy: That sounds "normal" to me. You're getting better all the time, right?

Teddy: Sorry, it's been an insanely busy couple of weeks. I DO plan to write about Amour, and hope to get to it before long.

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