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Dude I only read the beginning because to me it is cinematic _____ (I happen to like Spinach so fill in the blank) but STOPPED because I didn't want to be spoiled. Definitely watching it before Sunday, at which point I will return to this bog and, I'm sure, give you your props.


This BLOG. That was a stuck key, not some kind of punny barb.


Zach: Looking forward to your take, possible props, and legitimate punny barbs (and/or bunny carbs).

Rob in L.A.

To be pedantic: mEmento mori. (Unless it's a brilliant pun that I'm just too obtuse to understand.)

Good post! I hope you'll write more sometime about the ITS phenomenon and what it means for specifically Hollywood projects.


Thanks, Rob: You are He Who Keeps Me From Being Sloppy. Corrected in the post.

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