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Great article!!! Now I'm thinking of driving to Pinks Hollywood and writing a story about all the people there. LOL Seriously! I was in line at Pinks the other week and what a wide range of people - i was making up their backstory as I waited AN HOUR for a chili dog. I can't go to Punxsutawney, so Pinks is the next best thing.

So, are you saying, the romance is the lost heroine? Lost in a high concept storyline? Kinda lost it there.

@DadWithAPen :)


Easier to spell Pinks than Punxsutawney too!

One quote I always love, "What am I bid for this fine SpeciMine?"


And I get it! I had deja vu reading this -- You posted it in 2008, 2009 and 2011. Ha ha ha ha!


Dad: The hidden heroine in the story is Rubin's wife (see last few paras of the post).

So many quotes to choose from. But I've always loved "Don't drive angry!"

Christina: And in 2012 (slightly amended), and in 2010 and 2007 (on 1/31). Mr. Rubin is aware of this (we're friendly acquaintances) and is amused.


Ha ha - I didn't research well. I missed the January 31st post and the one in 2010. Every year I watch the movie, every year I read your blog post about the movie and the ritual never gets old. That's when you know it's good.

Ed Love

A sheer delight, every year. Thanks for the reminder! Although I do prefer to celebrate the day on the beach, as we do here in Australia!

Mark Martino

I've watched Groundhog Day a dozen times at least, more if you count dropping in on it when cruising cable. I've learned a lot by studying the script. Still, I have to say that there may be a contender, or at least a companion movie to it in Warm Bodies. My wife and I saw it this weekend and we can't stop talking about it. The audience, which covered quite a few demographic groups, applauded. It may be too early to tell, but I'd say this movie is at least as innovative and engaging as Groundhog Day. I'll need to see it again to be sure, but I'm predicting it will have staying power similar to Goundhog Day.

E.C. Henry

Billy, like many of your loyal followers over the years I've read this yearly post, but it never dawned on me until now; why did you decide to name this post about the movie "Groundhog Day", "The Hidden Heroine?" Don't get the correlation, are you willing to explain that choice?


Christina: Thank you times seven ;->

Ed: The Aussie version of GH might be more fun for Phil, especially if there's beach!

Mark: I'm very excited to see WB, and your report adds to my great expectations. Are you a SHAUN OF THE DEAD fan? The zombie rom-com is now evidently becoming its own sub-genre.

EC: If you read the post from the photo of Murray and McDowell on his hotel bed onward (i.e. fourth para from the post's bottom), the meaning of the "Hidden Heroine" should be explicitly clear. Another mystery solved!

Mark Martino

Christina: I am a SHAUN OF THE DEAD fan. Pegg had me when he walked into the mini-mart, slipped in blood, and kept going as though nothing was wrong.

Today, being a lapsed Catholic, when I heard that Pope Benedict had resigned, I knew immediately that it was my fault.

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