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Henry's big 5 questions are a great filter to run any scene through period.

He truly was a unique writer (I loved Northern Exposure) and he will be missed.

E.C. Henry

Nice tribute, Billy. You do those so well. Henry Bromell sounds like a winner. You have been so blessed in your life to meet and get to interface with so many cool people who have done cool things.

And though sadly one Henry is no longer with us in the flesh, you can still take some solace that at least one Henry still is: E.C. Henry, that is. Hopefully someday you'll get to know that chap.


Simon: Over the years, Northern Exposure has really stayed with me. I'll Fly Away had its memorable moments, too.

EC: But I feel like I've been getting to know you for years!

Rob in L.A.

To echo E.C. a bit: A very nice — and heartfelt — tribute.


Great write up! I wish I had known him. I loved Northern Exposure, Homicide and most recently, Homeland.

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