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E.C. Henry

The entire premise of "Warm Bodies" makes me wanna puke. If that's the future of the rom-com genre. I'm out, buddy, I'm out. If people think love is dead, they're wrong, dead wrong.

I LOVE writing romantic comedies, and your book, Billy, "Writing the Romantic Comedy" is something I read ALL. THE. TIME. Just for inspiration. You really should write a follow-up book incorporating key changes in the rom-com landscape since "Writing the Romantic Comedy" first came out.

Can't wait to watch Richard Curtis' "About Time." Huge fan of Richard Curtis. What a stud in the rom-com genre.

As far as the future of rom-coms and their health. I think the greatest need is viable female leads. So glad that Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for her perfomance in a romantic comedy. True, I don't see her being a mainstay in the genre, but it's a definate, well needed, step in the right direction.

I'm gonna say it loud. And I'm gonna say it proud. The romantic comedy genre WILL NEVER DIE! Why? Because there are people like me out there who love it, and treasure its influence on society.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Sue Hepworth

Well said, Billy.
I also found your book Writing the Romantic Comedy enjoyable, helpful and inspiring. Now I am enjoying reading your blog. There is just one teeny tiny thing I disagree with you about - Bringing up Baby. I love those early Rom-Coms, and Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant, but I found this film tiresome. The Philadelphia Story, on the other hand, is one of my all time favourites.


Great article, Billy.

There's no doubt that we, rom/com screenwriters, have to stretch our imagination to entice jaded audiences.

Good on you for calling Silver Linings Playbook, Up in the Air, and Moonrise Kingdom rom/coms, because they so blatantly are.

Question: has "rom/com" become a dirty word/expression in Hollywood?

If you were going to market a rom/com today, would you just call it a comedy even if the logline would be a give away?


Hey Billy - Have you been watching The Mindy Project? I was unsold for the first 5-6 episodes, but then something shifted. I got what Mindy Kaling was going for - a long form rom com. We know she's going to end up with her coworker Danny. We see that they're perfect for each other. But it's been brilliantly set up in that the characters DON'T know this AT ALL. If you haven't watched the show, you have to. I *insist* - episodes 13 and 14 are genius rom com material. I expect a full report!


Oh EC, you lovable love monkey you: Warm Bodies would make you warm and fuzzy. It's got a theme you'd like: resurrection and rebirth through forgiveness.

Sue: And I like them both! Are you familiar with the Grant-Hepburn Cukor movie, "Holiday?" Another very good one from that golden age period.

Ourdia: I don't think "dirty," but I wouldn't lead with the term in a pitch; let the receiver come to their own conclusion ("Oh, I see, it's a sci-fi/dramedy-rom-com with a bromance...?").

Darn you Christina! I'd dutifully watched the first four Mindys and then abandoned ship. So now I have to go back? Well, I am willing to watch 13 and 14, and I when I get to it, I'll... post... something?


You don't have to watch any of the in between episodes - just go to 13 and 14 on Hulu. I've officially watched these episodes like 3 times each, because they're brilliant. Sorry. I was out of the car also, and then I got in the car big time. I don't know if she'll be able to sustain the great rom com tone she has in these episodes... But wow, you gotta watch. :-)

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