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When I watched this scene, I imediately thought "love dash" and hoped you would write about it. Thanks for teacing me some context ahead of time--make the scene even better. :)


Jamy: I like "love dash," and will steal it for future use, thank you!


I finally watched the episode today and yeah, I was in the car. The fact we wouldn't expect Adam to do a love dash - lol. It was great. And boy, Hannah needs some love. Her OCD subplot *almost* jumped the shark for me, but I'm still in the car. However, the door is unlocked... TBD Season 3.


Christina: I hear that. I was just glad we didn't end up in a mental ward or on suicide watch. Comedy!


I totally loved their rom com run. I think in part for the reason you mentioned, that it was totally unexpected. "I can't believe it! A rom com run!"

But also because it was more in character than it is in most movies. This guy is so hyper and weird he WOULD do a rom com run... AND beat your door down. It was just, oddly, in character.


LondonMabel: True! And therefore very probable - according to the characters of both he and Hannah - that the happily won't be very ever after...


Wait, wait, didn't you invent the phrase "love dash"? If not, then I am awesome! Please use and make popular. :)

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