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E.C. Henry

It's good to hear from the Mernitman again. I was genuinely starting to get worried.

Soo sorry you had to endure that. Down here in the pre-pro ranks we deal with that as well. A lot of writers at a site I frequent bemoan not getting their script read by their peers in a timely manner. But in most of their cases they are their own worst enemy; their premise SUCKS, and most people are just being nice not to remind them of that fact.

It's so hard to find kindered spirits that you make a connection with. Don't let the industry get you down, Billy. I've been blow-off too. But always know that there are a lot of us out here in the cyber world who are pulling for you, Mernitman, and will ALWAYS read your stuff.


This is great and true in other venues. Generally, silence means "no" because no one likes to give anyone a hard no--even people they don't like.

Hmmm...on a personal note, I think this means I'm going to be taking a new job soon. I guess that's good? (Meaning: my current employer isn't going to say yes to what I want, based on their very long silence after I made my request. Oh well.)


Thanks, EC - We're all in this together.

Jamy: I hope that silence got broken... and if not, best of luck in your new endeavor, as they say...

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