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Great article BM. I read the interview with Joss and I must say, as impressive as his work ethic is, I found his newly acquired distaste for 'pointlessness' a little off putting.
First I felt fear as I imagined running in to him at a party and having nothing of substance to say and KNOWING he was judging me on my pointlessness...
Disappointment followed as I imagined his work getting increasingly pretentious as he becomes more and more intellectually removed from the masses... unable to shoot the breeze unless it involves Shakespearian recitals.
Then sadness hit at the thought that he probably doesn't lay on the floor recounting endless fart jokes with his children and laughing his arse off at their pointlessness.
Finally, I was left wondering why such a simple statement from someone I don't know evoked so much emotion in me, and it hit me. His brilliance illuminates my inadequacy.
I will go see this movie today. It will be my 'chocolate' if beforehand I can skim a Thoreau anthology, finish my latest script, and film an improvised short for an upcoming festival. Hopefully all before my kids knock off from school.
Thanks Joss (and Billy) for the inspiration!


Billie: From the passionate responses pro and con I've gotten from other writer friends about this article and now yours, I can see that Whedon is a lightning rod for people's feelings about what they're doing with their creative energies and how. I kinda feel like even if he invokes a "fuck you, asshole" response when you're not in the mood for such gung-ho-ism, or from a writer who's not after the things he's after, that having such a Bogeyman to react against isn't a bad thing. Fill the tanks, right? Riiiiight.


Ha! No, I absolutely agree. And even if I exaggerated my aspirations for the day... I did indeed have more focussed creativity and constructive output on a whole yesterday... I obviously need to be shown up more often! ;)

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