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Took a herd to a brand new theater with marquis seating for my son's 19th birthday and this is what he wanted to see. Couldn't wait to see, I should say. The group had each read the book in school. They'd each seen the Robert Redford film version. They knew what to expect -- sort of.

The after film discussion was about (1) wardrobe which they all loved except when Leo's clothes were ill-fitting (2) music which they all hated because they really wanted to feel the era or hear something unforgettably clever and beautiful a'la Moulin Rouge, not rap. Really. No rap. (3) character development which several of the guys said was weak in the female roles.

Other than that, these nineteen and twenty year olds got what they expected from a Great Gatzby film.


Excellent analysis.


Well done, old sport. Well done.


MaryAn, that's fascinating - thank you for this report from the cultural frontlines.

JLM and Cindy: Aw, go on. No, really; Go on!


Is that sarcasm, Billy? Cannot tell. Just want peeps to know that not all young audiences are just about explosions, screams, and boobs.


Totally NOT sarcasm, Ms. M, though re-reading it now I can see how you might've thought so. No, it really was interesting to hear this from... hmm, lacking the proper metaphor for What the Young People Are Thinking and Feeling About Everything the Culture is Throwing at Them.

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