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Whoa. I am in the middle of writing a blog post basically about what we bring to a movie influencing our opinion of that movie but also affecting our ability or inability to write various genres. Guess I'll ditch that since it's covered now. My point is that some of us are so affected by our bitterness and disappointment that we've lost the ability to let loose our inner child. Truly, I don't want to become that person who can no longer marvel because I am so heavy laden by things I cannot control.


No no, MaryAnn - Write the post! The part about subjective experience "affecting our ability or inability to write various genres" sounds intriguing, and I love what you're saying here about "marvel loss." Write on.

E.C. Henry

Best movie going I ever had was at a showing of "Independece Day" in Boise, Idaho; where one hick in the middle of the movie yellew out, "Yee-haw! Kick those alien's asses."

I love going to a movie JUST to see how other people react to it. I wasn't very impressed by "Attonement", but when getting up to leave I saw some older woman in her late 50s wiping tears from her eyes. And that got me to totally re-evaluate my reaction to the movie, why wasn't I feeling that!?

Anyway, I agree with your post, Billy. And it's always good to cup of truth from your watering hole.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

P.S. Will be looking for an all-star post from MaryAn's blog now. You've set the bar, now let's see her RAISE that bar.

Beth Matthews

This is why I usually start any review I'm writing on my blog with "I came at this media through this way..." So the reader has an idea of my expectations walking in and can use that to judge the objectivity of my review.

Good article. Good points.


Hi EC: That's a great story re: Boise - and have to confess I wasn't all that moved by "Atonement," myself (though the original novel blew me away).

Beth: That's good form, and I wish more reviewers and critics would follow suit. Enjoyed looking at your blog - "Pacific Rim" is definitely my next movie to see.

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