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Haha. "Universal Principles." You sly dog, you.


Zach: Weirdly enough, I wasn't being sly, but wholly unconscious when I came up with that subtitle, and only realized what my sub-brain had done after the fact. I have GOT to cut down on that ganja...

E.C. Henry

Just bought your latest book, "Cut to the Chase" via the Amazon link you provided in this blog post.

HUGE fan of "Writing the Romantic Comedy" which you wrote years ago. Wish you would write an updated version...

Can't wait to read "Cut to the Chase". Always open to hear what the pros have to say about how business should be done in all aspects of moviemaking.


EC: Thank you for ordering the new book! Sadly, I've been unable to convince Harper (the publisher for WTRC) to publish an updated version - ironically, as their pretzel logic goes, because the original volume is still selling... Anyway, I think you'll find the UCLA book helpful and entertaining.

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