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E.C. Henry

Too cool Billy is out there playing talent scout. Hope your efforts yeild you something worthwhile.

I could see see "40 Days of Dating" working as the underlying inspiration for a romantic comedy movie. Using Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman's experience as character baselines.

A movie based on "40 Days of Dating" has a close-ended theme like the one implored in "When Harry Meet Sally" practically plastered all over it; can two people in a questionable dating arrangement really be looking -- and possibly even finding love? I'd start out with the two leads as failed NYU college students desperate to make a buck, so they launch their site, and actually find someone interested in filming their work. Then go "ED TV" on the plot and maybe mix in some "(500) Days of Summer".

The idea is not out of the realm of possibilty, but in reality all these two have to offer is a start-up idea -- hoping that someone else see the possiblites for further development. This is far from a completed story or script that's ready to go.

Still, hats off to Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman for putting themselves out there. They did, and good things happened; they found represtation in the industry. See, this story already has a happy ending!


EC: Well, evidently the studios see it your way - Warner Brothers just bought the rights to "40 Days..." and screenwriter Lorene Scafaria ("Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist" is going to write it. I wish them well...

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