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Great piece, Billy. Good riddance to the "pre-fab one size fits all cookie-cutter rom-com".

E.C. Henry

'Bout time love made its comeback! Thanks for the Paul Revere shout-out as to what we can expect in the not-so-distant future.

HUGELY bumbed that "The Spectacular Now" is on limited release, which apartently means that those clowns running the Bonney Lake Multiplex are justified running "Elysium" for another MONTH! Sigh...

Can't wait to see "Thanks for Sharing", as I'm a HUGE fan of Mark Ruffalo. Will probably pass on Joseph Gordon-Levitt's offering; as the central hook just sound too crass for my tastes in romantic comedies.

FYI, Billy, the Amazon link totally works, got my copy of "Cut to the Chase" and I've already read the whole book, and now re-reading places for added inspiration. Love that book! Always love your contributions from stories in the trenches. And give a warm shout-out to Cindy Davis who wrote Chapter 4, "Building Characters." I got a lot out of that chapter in particular, as in my spec. script writing that's point of emaphasis: writing better, lead characters.

So onward and upward. Thanks for the post -- you really should do this on a more regular basis.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA


Thanks, Martin - though I don't think we're really done with it for good; there'll just be less of them as time goes by (we hope).

EC: I think you'll like "Now" when you do see it. And glad "Chase" is inspiring you - I'm a fan of Cindy's chapter, too.

Rob in L.A.

1. "Warm Bodies" was a LITERAL zom-com. Was it a figurative one, too?

2. Let's hope that "Thanks for Sharing" is better than that other rom-com about sex addiction, "Group Sex" (2010). (Never heard of it? Now you know why.)

3. Correction: In "Baggage Claim," Montana Moore is the name of the female lead character played by the actress Paula Patton ("Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol"). Just so ya know.


Rob - Thanks for the correction - I've revised the post accordingly. And "Bodies" was more literally zombie-rom-com than figurative... I guess?

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