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E.C. Henry

Huge fan of rom-coms that make you think. Will definately see "Enough Said" after your great teaser. I'll even go see "Don Juan" now, you've pushed me over the edge of my prejudices, Billy.

Thankfully I'll be down in L.A. this weekend to attend Gary Shusett's memorial service, so maybe I can sneak off and see these movies. Up here in the state of Washington the multiplexes don't like to show many movie out of the norm -- I think "Elysium" is STILL being showed two months later.

Elan Barnehama

Enough Said started off with promise but it went flat. Either writer got lazy or just couldn't figure out an interesting way to use the set up he created. The script just coasted along from the middle to end with little of interest happening- just good acting. A waste of a good set up.


Thank you very much for that great article


EC: Gary was a great guy. I worked for him a few times over the years; he was a genius at instant connections; he asked me to interview Ron Bass for one of his seminars, and it was a great experience. I'm sure the memorial will be memorable.

Hope you enjoy your L.A. journey and your trips to the movies as well.

Elan: Well, that's what makes horse racing, as they say - taste is a funny, very subjective thing. I found no laziness in Holofcener's writing (she's a woman, by the way, not a "he") and I was wholly absorbed in every development.


Bravo! Good thoughts, and well put. I definitely look forward to more movies that are "about something" as you say, and as long as we're exploring real life love, it may as well be funny.

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