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Great interview. I especially appreciated the section on how the screenplay evolved over time. Congratulations, Barbara!

E.C. Henry

Congradulations, Barbara Stepansky! I think I've subitted a entry to the Nicholls for the past 9 years and never gotten anywhere with it. It's always been too painful to read the list of Nicholls' winners when the script I worked my tail off isn't on it, so to date I never have. Your script beat mine, so you'll always have, "Na-na na-na na" bragging rights over me. I realize just to beat my script your, "Sugar in My Veins" must have been truly special. So tip o' the hat to the winners!

Hope all your hard work pays off, Barbara. Always a plus to have a pro like Billy Mernit in your corner.

Billy, good to read your finally using your superhero powers for the good by helping launch a writer's career.


Trevor: Glad you enjoyed.

EC: Well, not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound yet, but I'm working on it. Happy Thanksgiving , Mr. Henry!

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