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I was hoping you'd weigh in on this. I've been appalled by the hatred of this movie all over the internet, and didn't understand the intensity of it. I do love this movie, always have, and will defend Richard Curtis with my dying breath. It's a total fairy tale, and at Christmas, I am absolutely fine with that.


Caroline: Excellent! (As Hugh might say) As I said, I'm a staunch Curtis defender (and hey, if you haven't seen Girl in the Cafe - hard to find in the US - do seek it out: classic Nighy and neat little rom-com with a worthy message). Though as I've always had a love-hate relationship with Actually in particular, I can't help but enjoy some of the crazed but funny anti-Actually screeds.

Currer Bell

This movie grows on you like edible mold on a good stinky cheese. And yes, I do mean that as a compliment! I really do. When I first saw this film in the theater, I was like "Huh?" Now it is a part of our annual holiday film cannon.

Bradford Richardson

Billy, you are a spectacular writer. "Hate-watch LOVE ACTUALLY." And, "Rom-Com Porn." I'm still giggling.

I'll take a flawed movie that's all about love, over a perfect movie all about greed or hate, any day.



Currier: They really ought to tap you for movie ad blurbs - "Like edible mold!" That'll bring the crowds into the multiplex...

Bradford: Always happy to provide a giggle. And I like your movie preference.

Debra Montoya

Consider me a brave soul!


I am getting a lot more pleasure out of reading the pro and anti reviews of this film than I ever got from watching it. I don't know if I even saw it a second time. The story line that I most remember is the one with Kiera Knightly and the best man because it made me so extremely uncomfortable. I can't decide if I'm up for a hate watch or not... :)


You are, Debra, you are!

Jamy, I'd like to watch a version that was just the Bill Nighy story and the naked stand-ins story: laughs and sex and a little sentimentality - thank you and goodnght!


Speaking of hate-watching, the trailer for Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore's Blended came out. It doesn't look like they're gonna click like before.

E.C. Henry

Billy, I would TOTALLY dismiss the rant in the first link of this post; waa-aay too mean-spirited.

HUGE fan of Richard Curtis. To me this man is the rom-com king. The one filmmaker I actually associate with this genre. And I think "Love Actually" is the BEST, ensamble romantic comedy of all-time. The Hugh Grant / Martine McCutheon romance TOTALLY works. Also kinda liked the Colin Firth and Lucia Moniz romance. Most of the rest of it didn't register with me.

I think the real question is: how do we evaluate the ensamble romantic comedy? As it behaves much differently than a rom-com that focuses solely on one relationship.

For my money only one man has created a "good" ensamble romantic comedy -- and that's Richard Curtis with "Love Actually". That man should be lauded for all he's done for the rom-com genre, and not bashed. HUGE fan of Richard Curtis, hope he contiues to work for many years to come, because I like the way his mind works.

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Roland Denzel

All the bashing bothered me, and friends kept sending me links!

Just because love at first site might not last doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Men can be shallow, and be 'in love' with someone they ignore or can never talk to. Some men are tempted (and stupid), even when they have beautiful wives.

The detractors wanted complicated, more honorable, and upstanding love stories, and they only come out to complain because Love Actually appears to be more than it is. ...and it just isn't.

Thank you for chiming in!



ASFan: At this point, much as I heart Drew, I'm afraid of anything Adam Sandler.

E.C. - Somehow I knew you would show up with a heartfelt "Actually" tribute! Well, I'm half in love with it, myself, so I completely understand.

Roland: Well said. This is definitely a "It is what it is" (and no more) movie.

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