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E.C. Henry

Thanks for the awards list, Billy. My faith in the genre is restored. I enter 2014 with reknewed hope.

Sue Hepworth

Yes, Billy, thanks for the list.
But we part company on Before Midnight, which was one of my favourite films of the year. However, I don't think I'd class it as a romantic comedy, although the earlier ones were. Surely Midnight is a drama.
Serious question - How would you class Romeo and Juliet? - just out of interest?


Happy to renew EC hope in 2014.

Sue, isn't R & J a tragedy (technically)? Though it has some famously funny moments, it's a romantic drama.
And I think you're right about Midnight - it's only a rom-com theoretically, but is really a drama at heart, while the first two (Sunrise, Sunset) were romantic comedy.

Rob in L.A.

I just thought I'd drop by to post my regularly scheduled "Living the Romantic Comedy is an engaging, informative, whimsical blog that's always fun to read" comment. That's all.


Rob: You are kind, sir - and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

Eva B

Hi Billy and All --
I was fortunate enough to see Austenland at a screening in San Francisco. I know it was a box office miss but I think everyone who would have paid to see it (fellow Janeites) got free tickets! The movie was a fun and cute story that I can relate to as I am one of those girls who makes her own Regency costume for the up coming ball. It's a limited audience I know...

Tony Conniff

Really agree about Drinking Buddies; beautiful. End credits song was very good too... I made it through Frances Ha, and Bowie's 'Modern Love' in that film was my end-credit-song-of-the-year.


Eva: Better a "limited audience" than none, eh?

Tone: Glad you liked Buddies - seemed to slip right under many radars...

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