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Scott Ware

A great piece. Well written. I especially love "...a curiosity that transcends terror to the silence on the line."


Thank you, Scott.


I suggest you hang up the phone and hurry to the airport before your other you takes off.


I have a question: Why was the You Who Writes (which is who I think you called) holed up in a hotel? And with a woman?


Bob: I think he's still at the hotel.

JLM: Traditionally one holes up there to write... and that must be his muse. Or the fascistic guard who's not letting him do it...

Bradford Richardson

I'll bet the "other" me ended-up totally stiffing "original" me on the restaurant tab, and the tip.

This is fantastic, Billy.

I've written a scene in my new script where my character chats with his future corpse self who refers to them together as, "we."

Martha michaels

Provocative post, Billy. I was contemplating something I read, -- that identity is what you focus your attention on. And when I think about the difference between you and me, or me and me, at any given moment, it's that. If that's the case, then me is really a verb when I'm looking for a noun. Authenticity is a situational moving target and I really wanted it to be so much more, something I could attain and be proud of. The think the advice you want to give to yourself, "give it up , let it go" is wise.


Bradford: That sounds like quite a conversation.

Martha: "Me is really a verb when I'm looking for a noun"...! C'est magnifique.

Y'all might enjoy this:

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