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E.C. Henry

O Billy, do tell, WHAT kind of novel are you writting. Dude, you can't drop a bombshell like that so nonchalantly--and not exptect YOUR FANS to notice. So tell us, grand champion of all dudes, what kind of novel are you writing?

Right now, I'm editting (what I hope to be someday as my opus) an epic fantasy novel, and I'm having a blast rewriting it. Love re-discovering and adding new things to a story I stopped working on in the early 2000s.

So what I'm getting at is the fact, I'm there with ya, fellow novelist... Makes me smile saying that.

As for the advice, I concur. Every story needs to fall apart, then come back together with new life. You find that in the early draft process. Post-first draft a new, and hopefully better story from the old. And on that note, I will wish you sir, good writing. WHATEVER your next novel is, I can't wait to read it. You're such a seasoned pro, Billy, with such a rich history of experiences to draw upon, and the beauty of all is, your best writing of all-time should be, RIGHT NOW! No pressure of course...

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Bradford Richardson

Billy, THANK YOU. I absolutely needed to hear Ann's words.


EC: Happy to hear you're enjoying the rewrite on your fantasy novel - rewriting really is the fun apart, I believe. My novel is a departure - it's a black comedic psychological thriller (!). And yes, my best writing should be right now, thanks so much for the pressure ;-> May take me awhile to finish this thing, though...

Bradford: Glad it got to you at the right time.

Judith Duncan

hey Billy,
Wow, synchronicity has whacked me across the head. I just checked in to have a break from my novel in progress(it's been on the shelf while fundraising)I was looking though my opening chapters and I thought,
'oh,there are so many directions I could go here,it's in pieces.?'
And I read this post.

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